DETOX CAMPAIGN (March 21, 2021)


15th September 2015

Lanfranchi Spa has committed to ban all hazardous chemicals from its manufacturing precesses, taking up the Greenpeace challenge to ban all hazardous chemicals from the fashion supply chain by 2020.

Lanfranchi zippers are already free from the 9 hazardous substances group that the Greenpeace DETOX solution urges to be already banned by 2015.

Furthemore we can declare almost one year in advance of the commitment schedule, that no PFCs are used in the manufacturing in the Lampo zippers.

"Our company has grown along with the territory where it was founded more than 100 years ago - says Gaetano Lanfranchi, CEO of Lanfranchi Spa - the connection with the local community has always stimulated our sense of responsability and a commitment to not release hazardous substances in the enviroment in which we all live together. The use of best technologies has enabled us to improve the quality and the enviromental performance of our products. With the DETOX commitment we take a step further and disclose to our customers, consumers and all citizens which chemicals are used in our processes. We are pleased to join the selected group of Italian DETOX leaders that are ready, now not just in the future, to offer solutions free from hazardous substances to big brands."


The text of the Lanfranchi's DETOX commitment is available on Documents here below