LANFRANCHI in the SUSTAINABLE TRIMMING CATALOGUE (February 06, 2013 - February 05, 2015)

Lanfranchi Spa is the major Italian zippers producre with a completely verticalized Made in Italy process.

Uses, among the others, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Production waste is partially reinserted in the production cycle.

The innovative galvanize plant reduces significantly the production enviromental footprint.


Sustainable Raw Materials: Organic cotton; Recycled Polyester

Product Certificates: OEKO-TEX 100, TF - Traceability & Fashion

Product Sustainability Claims:

Waste and Water management: all metal products are made with an innovative galvanize plant that reduces by 30% the water usage and by 35% the water waste, while doubling the production output.

Recycled/2nd Life and Organic: the T3 and T5 metal zippers can be made with certified organic cotton tapes and with Newlifetm recycled polyester tapes.

Sustainable production, Dyeing and Finishing: the company has started the process for the Greenpeace DETOX commitment, which will provide for the phasing out of 11 groups of hazardous chemicals from all products and processes by 2020.

Traceability: all fabric, plastic and metal components are TF-Traceability & Fashion certified. This guarantees that manufacturing and assembly are entirely made in Italy, within the Group plants. Traceability code CTC0088.