A world behind a zip

A large company organised in five operating sites, capable of covering the entire cycle of design and production. The boundaries for LAMPO are global, but the style has always been Made in Italy.



LAMPO is the international reference player of the fashion business in the zip industry. Fashion is not the only muse of the brand: since 1887, the company has pursued a fluid perspective towards its own and others’ reality. The aim has always been to (re)define its field of action, improving it step by step. In addition to expertise, excellence and product engineering, LAMPO also focuses on enhancing human know-how, developing creativity and protecting the environment.


LAMPO is the identifying mark of a creative approach that goes far beyond the product. A philosophy, if not a real mantra, that becomes a container of multiple values: sustainability, transparency, innovation. With a strong influence on the local area, on relationships and on people. An active and responsible company that believes in adopting new styles of production, consumption and life, promoting a shared vision of the world that is respectful of the future. Always Made in Italy.

Comunicato Stampa Marchio Storico

Give back

There is a duty, not imposed but natural, in a business. Return part of its proceeds to the community, people and society. Believing in this idea, LAMPO has worked and works to make tangible the will to be a driver of positive change for all its stakeholders.


Passion, meritocracy, team spirit and respect: for LAMPO, its employees’ well-being is crucial. Corporate welfare has become a habit since 1996 with the first – at that time innovative – second-level bargaining, which established flexible working hours and a collective annual bonus. This revolution was followed by others, such as the creation of a company Mutual Fund, the reintegration of mothers with part-time contracts, multi-week working hours, solidarity leave and a series of family support measures (shopping cart and baby bonus). The path has also been developed through the establishment of a corporate microcredit fund, a tool that meets the financial and social inclusion needs of the most vulnerable people. Excellence, loyalty and creativity are nurtured: the best inventions, for example, receive ad hoc awards.

Young & Smart

LAMPO accepts requests for school-work alternation, working with technical training institutes in the area. It gives fashion students the opportunity to try their hand at winning award campaigns.

LAMPO is a member of the “A mano a mano” project, which aims to find placement and employment for people suffering from social exclusion and severe difficulties, in order to include them in the world of work.

LAMPO is proud to collaborate with the Community of San Patrignano and to provide its products for the leather workshop, which boasts the help and support of Tod’s master leatherworkers. An alliance of hands, hearts and excellence.