Palazzolo and its economy

The town of Palazzolo stands where the valley of the Oglio, a rather narrow river surrounded by plains, forms a type of gorge. Part of the town perches on the banks of the river and the rest of it sprawIs across the valley on either side. Bridges, towers, spires and smokestacks are reflected in the river, which runs through the centre of the town; constantly flowing and renewing itself, it is much like the lives of the dynamic, industrious inhabitants of this town. Palazzolo may be considered one of the most important towns in the Brescia area, both for the size of its population as well as for its variety of industrial activities. Situated in the westernmost part of the province of Brescia, on the border with the province of Bergamo, it lies halfway between two important Lombardic cities. The roads that run from the centre of the Po Valley towards the Camonica and Cavallina valleys and Lakes Iseo and Endine cut through Palazzolo; the town is linked to the rest of Italy and Europe by the "Serenissima" motorway and reached by means of two toll booths at Ponte Oglio and Palazzolo; the Brescia-Bergamo line links it to the national rail network.