In addition to catalogue solutions, LAMPO provides the opportunity to customize its products as desired. Made entirely one to one, in continuous dialogue with the customer, they are the result of an approach that focuses on the needs of the fashion world.

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The FW 23/24 Lampo collection embraces the SEASONLESS concept by presenting a selection of zips that go beyond the conventions that have always imposed color classifications linked to the seasons. Fluo colors such as fuchsia or yellow are combined with more classic shades such as gray and black or natural shades such as beige and green, giving life to a timeless collection. There is richness in the jeweled zip pullers with studs and chains, anodized finishes, lacquers, vynile details and deep laser cuts, while tape and chains have macro dimensions and different printing techniques; from classic sublimation prints to experimentation with camouflage animalier 3D printing on iridescent-looking reflex tape.

The whole Lampo collection is produced in compliance with the highest quality standards and with the possibility of using tape made with GRS certified yarns.

Here is a carousel of proposals from the Not Ordinary Items section.


Our DNA is sustainable. We were one of the first companies to comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I , and recently our commitment has led us to join Greenpeace’s Detox program.

Constant research and development is the key to ensuring sustainable design in product development as well. Our collection also includes a section dedicated to products made from materials with certified recycled and/or fully recyclable origin.