In addition to catalogue solutions, LAMPO provides the opportunity to customize its products as desired. Made entirely one to one, in continuous dialogue with the customer, they are the result of an approach that focuses on the needs of the fashion world.

D1 Bicolor Total Silicon col. 0703 reflex 1200x1500

LAMPO for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection follows three directions given by the fashion trend experts , who focus on positivity and creativity that become the means to achieve happiness.
The three themes speak about the power of thought , action and emotion that Lampo declines through the use of silicon tapes with a metallic or reflective effect or satin one with print , fringed tape in bright colors and lurex yarn on natural colour to give brightness. The pullers are important , real jewels , and use new and luminescent varnish with an iridescent or mirrored effect. There is no shortage of stones, enamels and tulle decorations as well as new UV printing techniques that make the product increasingly customizable and unique.

The entire Lampo collection is created in compliance with the highest quality standards and with the possibility of using tapes made with GRS certified yarns.

Here is a carousel of proposals from the Not Ordinary Items section.


Our DNA is sustainable. We were one of the first companies to comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I , and recently our commitment has led us to join Greenpeace’s Detox program.

Constant research and development is the key to ensuring sustainable design in product development as well. Our collection also includes a section dedicated to products made from materials with certified recycled and/or fully recyclable origin.