oeko tex

I feel green!

We do not only make GREEN products, our entire company and production cycle is oriented to reducing waste and enhancing its use in subsequent productions. In reality we are not only “green”, we are entirely tricolor!

Our production is in fact totally integrated and we directly realize every phase of the production cycle: weaving, stitching, dyeing, cutting, moulding, plating, assembly and even the construction of all equipment is Made in Italy, Made by LAMPO from the beginning to the end, with ensuring compliance with all applicable Italian and European environmental, occupational safety laws and respect for the workers themselves.
Come and visit our factories with 400 employees, we will be only too happy to show you how to make a zip. It will be a surprise, an unexpected discovery and adventure in touching the details and traditions accumulated over 130 years of experience.
Lanfranchi was always guided by the desire to respect the environment and consumers and to offer to its customers products that are always updated and highly technical.

  1. The products have been Oeko-Tex certified for over 10 years and today comply with the requirements of class I of Standard 100, the most restrictive and relative to products intended for children.
  2. We signed the DETOX commitment promoted by Greenpeace years ago.
  3. A recent addition is the inauguration of a new and futuristic galvanic plant that, even doubling the production capacity, allows to reduce by 30% the consumption of water and 35% of the water discharged into the sewage system. The fumes are treated according to the BAT (Best Available Techniques) to obtain emissions that comply with the highest ecological standards.
  4. The weaving plant is equipped with photovoltaic panels with an energy yield equal to that necessary to produce a zipper of more than 150 km, saving more than 23 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere per year.
  5. The catalogs, business cards and advertising material are mostly printed on recycled paper.
  6. 60% of the nylon used for die-cast zips is regenerated and used for other productions.
  7. To safeguard the quality of the sliders, pulls and components, we only use the first quality zinc alloy, however, all wasted zinc is given to companies that recycle for less demanding productions in terms of quality. Remember that pollution and greenhouse gases are minimized with the casting of zinc as there are negligible emissions. Much less energy than comparable and alternative manufacturing processes, are not required covering gas harmful to the environment and any waste of the process is recycled.
  1. All the brass teeth scraps are also recycled and given to companies that recycle them.
  2. Weaving waste is sold to factories to use the fibers for the production of rags and tea towels.
  3. Used oils, toners and electronic equipment are appropriately stored and managed only through specialized intermediaries of high recognizability.
  4. All production waste is separated and disposed to companies dedicated to their exploitation, such as, for example, wood and plastic.
  5. All packaging is marked RESY, ie made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard.
  6. The lighting of the production and administrative departments has been largely replaced by innovative and low energy consumption systems (LED).
  7. The buildings have been equipped with the most modern thermal insulation technologies (insulating coats, low emissive windows and insulating covers) to minimize energy consumption and emissions for winter and summer air conditioning. All buildings are also free of fiber cement roofing that is dangerous for man and the environment.
  8. The heating systems have been updated with the most modern and efficient condensing boilers.