LAMPO, always keen on merging product with art, is thrilled to partner with the latest exhibition by acclaimed Italian artist Paolo Antonio Troilo, renowned for his exceptional skill in painting hyper-realistic human figures using only his fingers.

This exhibit, set to take place at the Foundry Gallery on Boulevard Crescent in Downtown Dubai, stands out for its innovative use of a fabric that has made its mark on fashion history: denim. For these artworks, Troilo has selected recycled denim, produced using filtered and reused water, enhanced with designs and iconic golden zippers provided by LAMPO by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A.

The exhibition, titled ‘UNZIP ME. 9 DENIM TAPESTRIES HYPER-REALISTIC FINGER PAINTED’, serves as a bridge between tradition and innovation. 

The Foundry Gallery, a forward-thinking and innovative venue created in response to the burgeoning cultural scene of the United Arab Emirates, will host the exhibit from April 24th to May 24th.

This space is more than just a gallery; it’s a full creative ecosystem encompassing collaborative workspaces, a podcast studio, a micro-library, a café, and much more, offering a broad range of cultural activities that engage the community in Dubai and beyond.